Wingfield on Ice

By Dan Needles
Starring Rod Beattie
Directed by Douglas Beattie

February 23 to February 25, 2017
Buffet & Show

As the first frosts come to Persephone Township Walt and Maggie Wingfield are all set to welcome new life to the farm. She's expecting, and he's nesting. But Walt is alarmed about the old feuds that divide the neighbours and disturb the tranquillity of the community. His attempts to mend other people's fences meet with a resistance as stiff and cold as the weather itself. And the biggest challenge to them all is looming on the horizon.

The Wingfield Farm series is a popular set of Canadian stage comedies about city stockbroker Walt Wingfield who quits the rat race to buy a hundred acre farm in fictional Persephone Township an hour or so north of Toronto.

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"powerhouse acting skills… could very well be the best of the bunch… It doesn't matter if you haven't seen any other installments of the series. Wingfield On Ice is theatrical magic that needs no introduction." - David Lennan, Weekend Edition

"chockfull of the same puckish humour and keen eye for human foibles that made its predecessors so enjoyable" - Adrian Chamberlain, The Victoria Times Colonist