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By Lucas Hnath

September 22 to October 28, 2017

”Deeply affecting white-knuckled drama – a production we can believe in.” - The New York Post

In a very large church, a pleasantly charismatic and authentic Pastor Paul begins to deliver his sermon. It’s a big day for the congregation. The church building they are in is a major affirmation of years of success at reaching out with the message of the Gospel. There are now 1500 members. And all of it started with a tiny store-front church plant some 30 years ago. Paul is here to tell us that as of today, the building costs for their new church have finally been paid.

But Paul has other news, too. Good news. Just not the kind that this congregation is used to hearing. He shares a revolutionary idea that threatens to upend much of what his congregants believe.

As the congregation grapples with the mysteries of faith, certainty, and what happens after we die, they must also face the reality of loving those whose beliefs have made them sudden strangers. How do we love one another when we stand on opposite sides of a controversial void?

The Christians is a rich, carefully rendered story of how a change in direction based on a desire to be relevant to his culture affects Pastor Paul’s church leadership, congregants and his marriage.

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Patron Comments:
"There is a feeling of unconditional acceptance and encouragement in Rosebud that aligns with my beliefs about theatre in our world. I always feel embraced by the feeling that Rosebud is a place where I belong. Gratitude is the only outcome."

"Good balance of presenting two sides in a loving, tolerant manner. Loved that we could have a group chat after to discuss thoughts."

"Always a pleasure to be immersed in the Rosebud story where theatrical stories are given breath and heart. The talk back was a reflection of the exchange that makes for healthy theatre. Well done."

"Very thought provoking as advertised. Have been thinking about it and talking about it ever since last week."

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David Snider 17

David Snider

Heather Pattengale 17

Heather Pattengale

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Jordan Cutbill

Judith Buchan 17

Judith Buchan*

Caitlyn OConnor

Caitlyn O'Connor

Cassie Garbutt 17

Cassandra Garbutt
Live Singer

Stephanie Lanting

Stephanie Lanting
Live Singer



Director - Morris Ertman*
Scenic Designer - Carolyn Rapanos
Costume Designer - Anna Schroeder
Sound Designer - Paul Zacharias

Stage Manager - Naomi Esau


Critics' Pick. "this terrific play about the mystery of faith by Lucas Hnath - one of the freshest playwriting voices to emerge in the past five years - is MESMERIZING."

“Deeply affecting white-knuckled drama about a theological battle. This is a production we can believe in.”
The New York Post

“If you have a heart, brain, and soul, trust me and book a ticket.”
The Church Times


*The participation of these Artists are arranged by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance-Opera-Theatre Policy


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