By Adam Furfaro

March 4, 2017

The Master Book of Tales has been damaged. Characters have gone missing and the tales are all mixed up.  If something isn’t done, all the stories in all the books all over the world will be changed.  A young apprentice story-teller, Malcolm, is sent into each story to repair it before the stories are ruined forever.

In this episode, Malcolm must repair the story of Snow White and The Three Little Pigs.

What are the Twisted Tales?
The Twisted Tales Series was first presented as the original Stage West For Kids Series in Toronto, Ontario.  The Rosebud Theatre production is a Western Canada premiere.  Music for Snow White and the entire Twisted Tales Series is by composer Steve Thomas who also penned the music along with Adam Furfaro to Rosebud Theatre’s most recent Theatre for Young Audience offerings, Twisted Tales: Sleeping Beauty, Jack’s Giant Adventure and Treasure Island.

There is an optional family-friendly buffet at 12:00pm for $10.
School shows March 1-3, 2017.  Note: School shows must be booked by phone.

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