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Rosebud Theatre  General Audition Call for Rosebud Theatre

Rosebud Theatre will be holding General Auditions for its 2018 Season in May 2017. Successful applicants will be contacted to schedule an audition. Those selected for an audition will need to prepare one monologue and one musical theatre song. To apply, please email your resume and headshot to Leah T. Hearne - Theatre Department Assistant: leahh@rosebudtheatre.com. No phone calls please.

Rosebud Theatre produces four plays and one Theatre for Young Audiences show on their Opera House stage each season, as well one other play at the BMO Studio Stage.


Work at Rosebud Centre of the Arts 

Rosebud Centre of the Arts is always looking for creative, energetic, mission driven individuals to join one of our teams.

If you are a gifted and skilled in any of the following areas, we would love to hear from you.

Arts Management
Box Office /Front of House
Culinary Arts
Facility and Maintenance Management
Financial Management
Gallery Management
Hospitality and Service
Janitorial Management
Marketing & Development
Musical Arts
Restaurant Management
Theatre Arts
Visual Arts

Please send a letter of introduction and a CV to
Executive Director
Rosebud Centre of the Arts
Box 654, Rosebud, AB  T0J 2T0

Please put Human Resources in the subject line of your email or on the front of the mailing envelope.


Volunteer and Spend Time With Us!

Rosebud Centre of The Arts could not exist without the work of the many volunteers who have joined us over the years. In 2014, we recorded 2090 volunteer hours which is more than one fulltime person!

Volunteer opportunities vary from a weekend work bee to an occasional shift in the art gallery and more. And we’re always open to ideas of how you can help.

If you’re interested in giving of your time, please call 403-677-2350 or email volunteer@rosebudtheatre.com.

Volunteer Recognition

It is very important to Rosebud Centre of the Arts that we recognize our Volunteers for the hours of dedicated service they so freely give to our organization.

Hours of service will be recorded by the Volunteer Co-ordinator and recognized according to the following list:

20 hours - Complimentary Meal at Wild Horse Jack’s valued up to $25
35 hours - Complimentary Meal at Wild Horse Jack’s valued up to $50
50 hours - Complimentary Meal at Wild Horse Jack’s valued up to $75
60 hours - 2 complimentary Dinner Theatre tickets

Hours may be “redeemed” for Gift Certificates when 20, 35, 50 or 60 hours have been reached.  Once the hours have been redeemed, the cycle will begin again.

Current Volunteer Positions

Position: Model – Art Class
Description: The art class is looking for models whom the students can draw. A variety of ages and body types are ideal. Models stay fully clothed.
Time commitment: 2 hours per class, up to two classes
Skill set: ability to sit still for long periods of time, without slouching or fading
Contact: Randall, Instructor. sandalstrap@gmail.com

Position: Prompter – Acting Class
Description: Acting students benefit from having a prompter in class as they work on a scene with the instructor. The prompter reads the script and feeds a line to the actor when the actor calls for it.
Time commitment: 90 minutes
Skill set: focus, patience, and accurate reading skills
Contact: Nathan, Instructor. nathans@rosebudtheatre.com

Position: Prompter – Drama Ministry Class
Description: First year students benefit from having a prompter in class as they rehearse their drama ministry scenes with the instructor. The prompter reads the script and feeds a line to the actor when the actor calls for it.  Assistant may also be able to help source materials for a student designer or play piano for a student led music team.
Time commitment: 2 hours
Skill set: focus, patience, and accurate reading skills, flexibility and encouragement
Contact: Jeany, Instructor. jeanys@rosebudtheatre.com

Position: Assistant Stage Manager/Sound Operator – Faith and Art Class
Description: The instructor and students of Faith and Art request backstage support as they create a presentation for their final class. Duties include feeding lines, operating sound, and help setting up the stage, etc.
Time commitment: 3 – 4 hours spread out over two rehearsals
Skill set: patience, focus, some knowledge of theatre protocol
Contact: Jeany, Instructor. jeanys@rosebudtheatre.com

Position: Driver – Medical Appointments
Description: RSA students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to medical or counseling appointments. When the student doesn’t own a car, they arrange someone else to drive them in.  In a small and busy community like Rosebud it can at times be challenging to find an available driver. The Driver to Medical Appointments is another person the student can call to request help with their transportation needs. The appointments often take place in Three Hills, Drumheller, or Strathmore.
Time commitment: 3 – 4 hours monthly
Skill set: owns a vehicle, likes students, compassionate, confidentiality
Contact: Renita Hamm, Student Life Advisor. renitah@rosebudtheatre.com

Position: Choir Coordinator
Description: Our music director Bill Hamm requests help with the administrative tasks of running a choir. Tasks include collecting choir fees, maintaining an e-mail list, communicating with choir members.
Time commitment: 2 hours weekly for 6 months
Skill set: reliable, responsible with money, consistent communicator, loves music
Contact: Bill, Choir Conductor. billh@rosebudtheatre.com

Position: Conference Booth Staff
Description: Rosebud Centre of the Arts establishes a presence at various conferences and tradeshows by setting up a booth at these events. At times we need help staffing the booth and telling passersby about Rosebud.
Time commitment: 1 – 2 full days, a couple of times per year
Skill set: outgoing, enthusiastic about Rosebud programming, ability to answer general questions about Rosebud, able to drive to Edmonton or Calgary or elsewhere to attend the event, willing to work alone or with another person.
Contact: Cassia, Interim Recruitment Officer. cassias@rosebudtheatre.com

Position: Filing and Shredding
Description: RSA is combing through 30 years of backlog and requests help with sorting through old paperwork.
Time commitment: 3 hours/week
Skill set: discernment between “junk” and “official” papers, willingness to get a little dirty, confidentiality, working with another person on the task.
Contact: Maki, Registrar. makiv@rosebudtheatre.com

Position: Maintenance Assistant
Description: The Maintenance department would value weekly help with a variety of tasks around Rosebud. May include painting, mowing, heavy lifting, etc.
Time commitment: 3 hours/week
Skill set: proper use of tools, responsible, eye for detail.
Contact: Bill, Facilities Manager. johnm@rosebudtheatre.com

Position: Gallery Host
Description: the Gallery Host opens and closes the gallery, greets patrons, and sells art work as required. The gallery is housed in an acoustic old church, with a grand piano available for playing. When patrons are not around, the gallery affords quiet time for reading.
Time commitment: 3 hours/shift. One shift per week or more is ideal.
Skill set: an interest in visual art, making people feel welcome, handling an occasional financial transaction.
Contact: Shauna, Gallery Volunteer Coordinator. shaunam@rosebudtheatre.com

Position: Stitchers – Wardrobe Department
Description: The wardrobe department is looking for stitchers to help sew costumes for both Opera House and Studio Stage productions.
Time Commitment: Various, anything from two hours to a whole day, or more. It all depends on the scale and needs of each production and the volunteer’s availability.
It is preferred that stitchers come to the wardrobe department to volunteer. It is much more fun to work as part of the team. However, it is also possible to take items away to work on at home. Usually volunteers would have to come to the wardrobe department to pick up and drop work assignments.
Skill set: Base level would involve ability to sew on buttons, snaps, neat hand sewing, some experience with domestic sewing machines.  Willingness to learn new skills.
Contact: Amy McIver, Head of Wardrobe amym@rosebudtheatre.com


Harvey Residency

Rosebud School of the Arts, (aka Rosebud Centre of the Arts), invites applications from professional artists, instructors and administrators interested in working in residence. We currently are accepting applications for both 2016 and 2017.

The Harvey Residency is designed to create mutually beneficial lines of exchange between artists, instructors and administrators who share an interest in themes at the intersection of faith and art.

Each residency will seek to enrich the working and learning life of Rosebud School of the Arts students, staff and the resident company of Rosebud Theatre and enable the scholarly atmosphere of the School and Centre by promoting engagement with the creative arts.


Harvey residencies are available to artists, instructors and administrators working in the performing arts (theatre, dance, music), as well as playwrights, visual artists, film-makers, videographers, and masters in the culinary arts.

Residents will be established in their field with significant experience and a recognizable body of work. They must have a strong desire to mentor and work with students, and collaborate with members of the Rosebud School staff, Rosebud Theatre resident company members, guest artists, and members of the local artistic community.

Residents must clearly understand, and agree in writing to enter into a residency partnership with the knowledge that:

  • The mission of Rosebud Centre of the Arts is to enrich lives by reflecting God’s gifts of hope, joy, forgiveness and love through the arts.
  • The mission of Rosebud School of the Arts is to provide training within a community of Christian and faith-based artists where students are equipped to be catalysts for transformation in our world.
  • The mission of Rosebud Theatre is to present live programming that illustrates the beauty and complexity of life through an inclusive and grace-filled perspective while mentoring future generations of artists.
  • The mission of Rosebud Mercantile is to provide generous hospitality to our patrons, offer our students mentorship in service to our patrons, and support the endeavors of Rosebud School of the Arts.


Harvey Residents will experience a congenial retreat-like setting with regular opportunities for cross-disciplinary engagement with other artists and students at the centre and, where appropriate, will have opportunities for showcasing their work though public readings, exhibits or performances.

Residents will dedicate a portion of their time in Rosebud to the direct mentorship of RSA students and participate actively in the programs and activities of the Centre including Chapel, staff meetings and retreats.

Residents will be immersed as much as possible in the day-to-day lives and activities of the Centre, the School, and Rosebud Theatre, and predominantly, conduct their professional development work on site.


There is no set minimum or maximum time for a residency.

Equitable remuneration will be negotiated with residents who are selected.

For more information about Rosebud School of the Arts and Rosebud Theatre, please visit our websites:

www.rosebudschoolofthearts.com | www.rosebudtheatre.com | www.rosebudmerc.com 

For more information about this residency, please call or write to:

Executive Director, Rosebud Centre of the Arts
403-677-2350 x234


Please send a letter of introduction that clearly explains why you would be interested in this residency program along with a CV outlining all pertinent experience and education in your respective disciple(s) to:

Harvey Residency
Rosebud School of the Arts
Box 654, Rosebud, AB  T0J 2T0

Or, by email to execdir@rosebudcentreofthearts.com

Please place HARVEY RESIDENCY in the subject line.

Applications received prior to December 15, 2017 will be considered for 2018 and 2019.

Applications received after December 15, 2016 but before January 31, 2017 will be considered for 2018.

Rosebud School of the Arts is a Charitable Not-For-Profit Organization, Register #10791 3824 RR 0003


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