Akokiniskway Gallery

The historic United Church is now the Akokiniskway Art Gallery and a recording studio. It also serves as the rehearsal area for Rosebud Masterworks (community) Choir and Rosa Cantorum (women's choir). Annually, there are art shows featuring Alberta artists in the spring, summer and fall. The Gallery is open to the public for two and a half hours before each Opera House performance. It is also available to rent for private functions.

The spring show at the Akokiniskway Gallery is Art in the Park featuring the work of 12 artists from BC and Alberta. A few samples of their work are below.

About the Exhibit: “Art in the Park is about creating that sense of place and sharing an emotional response to that place through art.”
The Art in the Park program in Mount Revelstoke and Glacier national parks creates an innovative experience for artists to immerse themselves in some of Canada’s most beautiful natural places. The resulting artwork, inspired by experiences in the parks, reveals meanings and relationships about Canada’s natural and cultural heritage and provides the viewer with a deep impression of and a sense of connection to these special places.

Canada’s national parks and national historic sites enable Canadians to experience their rich history and heritage in a special way. By providing innovative perspectives on these places through art, more Canadians are able to experience the outdoors and learn about our environment and history. The Art in the Park travelling exhibition will extend this experience to urban audiences. Parks Canada is interested in partnering with galleries and exhibition spaces in BC and Alberta to share the scenery and beauty of our places as part of the celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Lyndsay Esson off the ridge Image 50Valerie Speer Dazzling Decent 25Melanie Macvoy Glacier Crest Trail 25Zuzana Riha Illecillewaet Sky 30



Exhibiting Artists:

Kate Brooks-Heinimann
Lyndsay Esson
Gwen Lips
Jennifer K. Ireland
Jaymie Johnson
Melanie MacVoy
Becky McMahon
Leanne Spanza
Valerie Speer
Jo C. Willems
Jeff Wilson
Zuzana Driediger (Parks Canada Staff and artist)

Meet and Greet the Artists:
April 1 from 3:00pm to 8:00pm




The Akokiniskway Gallery is open 2.5 hours prior to each of the Rosebud Theatre Opera House performance in the spring, summer and fall.

If you are a professional artist interested in having your work showcased at the Akokiniskway Gallery, please contact Rosebud School of the Arts at 403-677-2350.


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